🌻 Erica's Scholarship 🌻

🔸In its debut year, for the scholarship in the name of our Erica, the EricAndo Association decided to focus on a specific Institute;
🔸We started with the idea of finding a school that could awaken in us a bond, a memory with Erica’s studies;
🔸 Thinking a lot about it, the Park Hall of the Faculty of Economics of Rome 3 came to our minds… but not really the Park Hall … but the volcanic and exuberant students who, from the windows of their institute, watched us preparing our exams;
🔸We shared, albeit at a distance and in a silent way, many adventures, regarding their particular lessons, the noisy school meetings, the colorful self-management, the chaotic occupations;
🔸With their extravagant and a little crazy creativity, they tore us a thousand smiles and made us feel a pinch of envy, for their lightheartedness, especially when we were under examination;
For this reason, we dedicate the First Erica’s Scholarship to the students of the Istituto Superiore Cine e Tv Roberto Rossellini;
🔸Sure we have made the right choice, we will keep you updated! 
Greetings, 🌻
EricAndo A.P.S


EricAndo is a no-profit association in memory of our dear friend Erica