EricAndo was created in memory of Erica.
Love, selflessness, joy, solidarity, respect for others, friendliness, and a great sense of humor; these are sentiments that all founders of EricAndo feel when thinking of her. The sunshine of her smile and her energetic personality brighten the world around us, coloring it with harmony.
Her will and dedication to help others, has motivated her family and friends to create EricAndo, a foundation which will continue to provide her light, joy and positivity to the world.
EricAndo supports many different projects so that Erica’s greatest dreams of helping others and bringing smiles to those less fortunate can become a reality. These projects are aligned with Erica’s professional and personal interests and the activities are focused on areas where the needs are acute, and the impact of the organization can be immediate.
EricAndo stands for ‘Erica anda’ which in Spanish means ‘Erica walks” but in Italian sounds like the gerund of the hypothetical verb ‘Ericare’, which means live life the way Erica does: being passionate, doing lots of things and leaving no one behind.

How do we work?
We are a group of people who have in common an enormous love for Erica.
Some of you know her since they were born, some other have been so lucky to meet her during their life journey: at school, at university, during a trip, in the common neighbourhood, at a party or wherever Erica brought her smile. All of us loved and keep on loving her.

To identify projects that EricAndo will support we meet up together once a month, but during this Covid-19 times we do it by videoconference (Zoom).
Anyone can present a project, propose a partnership with other NGOs or simply share an idea. We discuss all proposals, we choose all together which projects are worth being addressed and then we identify the best approach to unfold them.

Here you can find more information on the projects EricAndo supported so far.
Do you have a project to propose and /or would you like to contribute to EricAndo?
Would you like to support us with a donation or with any other mean you may deem useful for EricAndo?
Do not hesitate to contact us at and we will answer you asap.
Many thanks in advance!