Erica, to say her name was enough for those so fortunate to have known her. Her smile, her vivacious personality, her kind and giving soul; these are some of the things that come to mind when thinking of her.

Erica was a person who, since childhood, had a profound interest in people. That deep curiosity in others became her purpose in life. During her university years, she came in contact with an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) called “Texo’s Friends” (Amici di Texo). It was with them that she took her first trip to the village of Butare in Rwanda. There, she volunteered to teach the local children. She was so fascinated by the smiles on their faces and the history of that place that she returned there a second time, taking with her Andres, who later became her husband.

Erica was always a smart girl. She finished college and found a good job with a large company. But there, she was unable to put aside her life’s passion – helping others.  It would have been like asking the sea to go into a bottle. She then made a courageous choice; she left a stable and secure job to pursue her passion.

Erica fought hard to affirm her strong desire to work as a professional in the Third Sector. And, as tenacious as a lion, she succeeded, becoming part of one NGO, Intersos. With them she contributed to the success of several missions:  to Jordan, Iraq, Nigeria, Sudan, Kenya, and also to the slums of the Puglia region of Italy, where immigrants work as farm laborers.

Erica had many good qualities; some quirks as well, that obviously made her even more unique. One of her best qualities was that she was able to make every part of the world where she went, her new home, and every person she met, became part of her family.

At each place, Erica planted a little seed. And now, EricAndo wants to make that seed flourish and thrive, and care for all she built with her love, passion, and curiosity.